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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have the ability to occur unannounced or with very short warning times. And they can affect everyone: real estate companies, farmers and foresters, commerce and industry, citizens, road users and transport network operators. Even where precautionary measures taken were judged adequate and where, according to human judgement, no damage was to be expected.

When such damage events occur, action must be taken very quickly, especially when documenting the extent and consequences. If, for example, the apex of a flood has passed through, the maximum water levels and temporary waterlogging can only be laboriously reconstructed, if at all.

For such cases we have prepared concepts for the documentation of floods, landslides, hurricanes, forest fires, etc. – and, of cause, to safeguard the evidence of damage caused thereby. Our experienced specialist staff is available at short notice, can be used flexible in space and time, and the optimum technology is ready. In this way, there is no time wasted until the right concept is created and offered.

While the clean-up work is in progress and the data is “in the box”, you decide with us how to proceed with the further steps of the data analysis: from the delivery of the photos, to the creation of an elevation model, the dimension of the extent of the damage up to the complete appraisal - we support you with objective information in the regulation of damages, in the determination of the extent of damage and the planning of future protection and security measures.

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