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Airborne Laser Scanning

We deliver precise information for the planning, running and monitoring of infrastructure and accurate documentation of plant and equipment. Our ability to make precise surveys also helps in the search for optimal locations for new pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations. Areas from 4 hectares and up can be surveyed cost-effectively with LiDAR. The preparation phase is minimal, and seldom requires more than 72 hours.

On the basis of 3D data city planners can establish noise control cadastre, and develop more efficient means of urban land utilisation. Floodwater safety and  monitoring measures can be established and improved on the basis of precise data about the course of rivers, the movement of coastal waters and the current condition of dykes. Such data can be delivered cost effectively and in an efficient and timely manner. 

LiDAR technology facilitates high-precision, and swift capture of large areas including those locations which are inaccessible due to being covered in dense vegetation or heavily forested. Simultaneous survey by laser, aerial images and videos saves time and money in comparison to ground survey methods – as does the subsequent data extraction, processing, and information analysis. Dense LiDAR point cloud data, and high resolution aerial imagery (resolution less than 5 cm) is highly accurate and cost effective, by comparison with other remote sensing data.

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Geodata captured from the air: a picture is worth a thousand words

Aircraft, helicopters and drones are indispensable as transport media for aerial survey sensors. Nothing is better for an overview than the view from above. Aerial images show the area under investigation in true form and thanks, to automated modern rectification and correlation processes, as well as high image resolution, the smallest details are accurately positioned: the basis for every GIS, for digital surface models, for every cadastre, for every query. [ PDF ]

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