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Aerial photos & orthophotos

Our aerial imagery and orthophotos give a realistic overview of terrain and surface objects. They are an essential source of high-quality and precise information for the  city base maps, cadastre, route planning, waste disposal site surveys, digital terrain models, as well as digital, topographic and thematic maps.

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by 3D imaging in planning for construction and resource documentation of large areas of terrain. Further photogrammetric processing of captured objects allows plasticity in representation giving planners an optimal basis on which to make decisions.

Aerial imagery and orthophotos can be used to document and analyse flora in specific areas. So correlates (eg between retarded growth and waterlogging) and delimited areas (eg inaccessible areas of flora) can be captured more accurately and with greater detail, than possible by ground based survey methods.

You can profit from our reliable and high quality data, which can be made available at short notice.  Thanks to our flexibility and short turn-around times in project execution your data, compiled results and analysis can be made available within a very short time period.

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Geodata captured from the air: a picture is worth a thousand words

Aircraft, helicopters and drones are indispensable as transport media for aerial survey sensors. Nothing is better for an overview than the view from above. Aerial images show the area under investigation in true form and thanks, to automated modern rectification and correlation processes, as well as high image resolution, the smallest details are accurately positioned: the basis for every GIS, for digital surface models, for every cadastre, for every query. [ PDF ]

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