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Off-the-peg solutions
Although our strong point is individualised geodata management solutions we have also developed standardised packages for many clients.  These are offered as stand-alone products:

Hansa Luftbild_ExperMaps-Flyer

ExperMaps - the new WebGIS by Hansa Luftbild
ExperMaps is the new, flexible WebGIS developed by Hansa Luftbild. Based on OpenSource technologies like GeoServer, PostGIS and GeoEXT, it is the instrument of choice for administering spatial information and making it available to a wide variety of users. Its modular design allows a seamless integration into your IT environmental and business processes which exactly meets your requirements.
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For more information please visit www.ExperMaps.com.

Hansa Luftbild_GeoPort-Flyer

Hansa GeoPort
Hansa Luftbild has developed GeoPort, a modular software application particularly suited to the requirements of port management. GeoPort optimises the operation, planning and maintenance processes for ports.

By combining already available data with modern, intelligent GIS applications the flow of work and information is optimised. Hansa GeoPort combines different digital modules, which can either work independently of each other or in combination with each other: a Harbour Map, Property Management, Infrastructure Management, GeoTechnical Management and Document Management.
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  • DMS Autark2
    DMS Autark 2 is a high-performance document management system with geo-referencing.

  • Bentley Logo
  • As a member of the Bentley Developer Network we have been involved, for many years, in developing applications for MicroStation on the basis of MDL, and just recently on the basis of .NET.


HLPlaceSlope for MicroStation
Hansa Luftbild's HLPlaceSlope is the ultimate standard for the automatic generation of hachures for slopes. The application has been successfully used by a large number of MicroStation operators for many years now and is indispensible in the production of large-scale digital maps.
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For more information about our tools and services for Bentley MicroStation please visit www.microstation-tools.de.

  • As a Hexagon Geospatial Authorized Reseller we distribute all of Hexagon's GeoMedia products. We also offer training and consultancy services for  the entire GeoMedia range and undertake the installation, and configuration, as well as the maintenance of already active systems.

Additional geo applications by Hansa Luftbild:

  • Dacis
    Conversion, both ways, between data formats DXF (Autocad) and SQD (Sicad).

  • Tabula
    Preparation and compilation of phytosociological and fauna charts.

Contact persons

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Jörg Schräder

Software development
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