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The right stuff

Spatial data is an integral part of daily life. There are interactive maps on the Web, navigation systems, applications for smartphones and tablets on the one hand, and business critical geoinformation in administrative and economic organisations on the other hand.

Municipalities, towns and cities, real estate organizations, industry, business, agriculture and forestry make extensive use of geoinformation to manage land, buildings, production facilities, transport areas, warehouses etc.

Are you well resourced in geoinformation or

  • is your data out-of-date, inconsistent, incomplete, still in analogue form, or incorrect;
  • can your data be managed in an optimal and timely manner;
  • for any new project would you like to be on track from  the beginning with the support of experienced experts?

We are the right choice for your geoinformation needs. You can profit from our extensive experience in the integration of geoinformation into GIS and databases; and from our extensive experience in the optimisation of business processes for every type of enterprise and undertaking. Our consultants are familiar with good practice. With their  proven methods and considerable expertise they can support you in the efficient implementation of analysis and  the development of a concept.

  • We offer:

    • Current state and target analysis
    • Requirements analysis
    • Functional / requirement specifications
    • Tender document support
    • Specialist and thematic workshops

Contact person

Christian Timm

Team Manager
Phone +49 251 2330-181


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