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iGIG Software Services

iGIG Software Services - Integration of geospatial data into business processes

It's our goal to produce intelligent data to support you in generating knowledge and increase efficiency.

We are your competent partner for software development and consultancy.

We will support you in integrating your GIS databases, in developing tailored geo-software, in maintaining your GIS and in training your employees on CAD and GIS applications.

For whom?
We have an individualised geo-data management solution for every type of enterprise –  small municipalities, towns, cities, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations.

Our customers benefit from our individual and communicative approach. We speak your language and understand your wishes.

With knowledge, professionalism, and the latest technology – we are dedicated to your success.

Our values?
Transparency, trust, flexibility and professionalism, the foundation for successful projects, and indispensable  values in our work with our clients.

The next step?
Contact us! Challenge us with your requirements!


The right stuff!

Spatial data is an integral part of daily life. There are interactive maps on the Web, navigation systems, applications for smartphones and tablets on the one hand, and business critical geoinformation in administrative and economic organisations on the other hand. [ read more ]


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In IT experts - in geoinformation specialists 

Off-the-peg solutions for the management of your geoinformation and related business processes are not for you? We are your partner! [ read more ]


Off-the-peg solutions
Although our strong point is individualised geodata management solutions we have also developed standardised packages for many clients. These are offered as stand-alone products. [ read more ]


Education doesn’t cost – it pays!

Are you in search of training which is targeted, compact, and totally oriented to your needs? You are at the right address. On the basis of our extensive CAD,  GIS, and geoinformation database experience we can tailor a training program to your needs.[ read more ]

Contact person

Werner Scheper

Head of department
Phone +49 251 2330-0


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