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Landscape planning

On a daily basis thousands of hectares of rural and forested areas are subject to settlement and construction, in the form of housing, industrial areas, commercial  buildings and traffic networks. This increasing loss of natural land resources, and their associated landscape features is a great challenge to environmental and landscape planners.

The preservation of cultivated and natural landscapes and the  sustainable use of natural resources requires up-to-date base data and comprehensive biotope mapping. We can support you in the compilation of landscape and ecological base data,  draw up development, green space and landscape plans, undertake natural resources protection and habitat planning, produce flora and fauna mapping, and as well carry out environmental impact and feasibility studies.

So your planning can be implemented on a ecologically sound and legally secure basis. At the same time you will profit from the synergy effect, when we update your green space and tree cadastre simultaneously,  providing you with a unified, centralised data base. You will be guaranteed  an at-any-time instant access to all relevant information, and an increased capability for information analysis and distribution. This will save you time and money in your planning and management processes.

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