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We provide services to aid efficient management and reliable planning.

For the planning of new power supply lines, transport routes, or raw materials extraction and transportation, reliable and accurate information is needed. In  addition facilities critical to security such as overhead lines, pipelines or bridges need to be documented, surveyed and monitored at regular intervals ā€“ preferably quickly, cost effectively, and securely.

Airborne LiDAR and photogrammetry deliver ideal results: large, difficult- to- access, densely forested areas can be surveyed swiftly and in detail, in complete contrast to ground or satellite imaging. New projects scarcely need  more than 72 hours preparation time ā€“ so results can be delivered very quickly.

Critical information about terrain, vegetation, and constructions can be captured from the air. High resolution aerial imagery and orthophoto mosaics, 3D terrain and building models, video recording from varying angles are all perfect support for the planning and documentation of new and modified constructions, and maintenance and extension work.

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Hansa Luftbild Corridor Mapping Cover

Planning and documentation of company infrastructure: precise, rapid, and cost effective

Hansa Luftbildā€™s modern corridor mapping is an ideal technique for the planning, documentation, survey and surveillance of corridors such as the electricity grid, pipeline networks, and the roads, and rail system. [ PDF ]

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