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Coastal protection

We can deliver critical information for coastal and flood plain protection with the aid of LiDAR surveys of coastlines, rivers and embankments.

Good planning and efficient monitoring of coast line and flood water safety measures are critical for the security of a country’s inhabitants.

The planning, development, and implementation of flood safety measures requires accurate and thorough data sets. Aerial survey and LiDAR are a more time and cost effective means for the ongoing monitoring of river and coastal embankments than are terrestrial based means, while satellite imagery, because of its low resolution, is not suitable.

Our survey results are delivered as 3D digital elevation models, and high resolution orthophotos. The results include the survey and detailed documentation of terrain structures and surface objects, such as embankment edges, river flow direction, bridges, trees, and houses. All information is imaged and captured in GIS, according to your requirements. It is therefore available to you from any location at any time. And that applies in the case of emergencies and disasters: you can evaluate, react to, and gain an overview of a situation very quickly, and thus take appropriate measures.

So our methods such as LiDAR, aerial survey and video documentation, with subsequent digital  processing, offer you many avenues for the surveillance, monitoring, visualisation and documentation  of your coastline and flood plains.

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