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Cadastre management

We support local authorities / communities in establishing cadastre and in the ongoing maintenance of GIS systems.

Local authorities and city councils are required to account for and maintain their communal resources. Often a good overview of streets, trees, green and sealed surfaces is lacking. Even when the information is available it is frequently of poor quality, from varying periods of time, not in digital format or the various data sets are not interlinked.  Any one of these factors can hinder the running of your administration, slowing down the work process and increasing costs.

Whether you require street, tree or green space cadastre, or sealed surfaces mapping to determine waste water charges, we can support you in the development and management of such systems. Our services are competent, reliable and delivered promptly. This will relieve pressure on your budget in the long term, and allow you to assign human resources to the areas where they are really required: to close interaction with and support of the local citizenry.

We undertake data restitution and extensive analysis through the selective use of available information or by using new aerial survey data. If you wish we can also organise, in co-operation with you, complex administrative processes – from the evaluation of community opinion polls and  surveys, to the planning of public awareness campaigns for the introduction of new systems of fees and charges, or other similar processes.

Further information:

Flyer Hansa Luftbild Landmanagemen

Sustainable land and property management

Urban expansion, growing populations and climate change pose enormous challenges to policy makers, national economies and their societies. Innovative land management systems are needed and Hansa Luftbild fully understands these challenges and the approach needed to develop them.
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PDF zu Hansa Luftbild-Solardachkataster

For high efficiency solar power generation

The creation of a solar roof cadastre has several advantages. It is a comprehensive service to the citizens and strengthens the renewable energy sector. The available photo-voltaic potential is clearly illustrated and easy to understand. Customers can neutrally check the efficiency of their roofs before they contact an installation company.
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Solar roof cadastre

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