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3D city and terrain models

We generate 3D models of cities and buildings on the basis of airborne data. Such 3D models can be used by both local authorities and private companies for planning purposes.

3D digital city and terrain models for the visualisation of planning have become increasingly important for a number of reasons. Firstly they allow the production of professional and realistic presentations. In addition they  facilitate the calculation of  critical values to planning such as shading, mobile network coverage, or the modelling of noise dispersion.

3D visualisation offers a wide variety of options to generate realistic models. These models can be used for consultation with clients and critical members of the public. Such modelling can be used to display  planned changes, architectural projects and to analyse the possible consequences of new settlements and changes in the landscape. 3D modelling also has applications for noise emission / dispersion cadastre, the development of efficient flood water safety measures, and power grid, pipeline, mobile phone network, and traffic route planning.

Modelling has outstanding applications for economic development and marketing. A 3D model can be combined with economic, cultural  and demographic data to form a marketing atlas, which can be an excellent instrument for local businesses, cultural organisations and city administrators. In addition cadastre such as that for solar panels or of street cadastre can be linked to a 3D model. With our GIS competence and software services we can work on the further development of your concepts and ideas.

3D city and structures modelling. Make maximum use of the advantages offered by 3D visualisation to support your client presentations and complex planning processes.

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