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What do we understand by the term geoinformation? According to accepted norms the term means “all kinds of information about geographic features which can be directly or indirectly referenced to a position on the earth” (ISO 19101).

The basis for all your planning and decision making is information – normally spatial information. Reliable and accurate information will assist you in successfully meeting planning and decision making challenges. The aptitude to accurately capture, organise, compile and correctly align data, sets apart the winners. And we are one of the winners thanks to our long years of experience for a large variety of clients.

With the help of our products and services you acquire a sound basis for decision making, and the ability to rationalise work processes and save costs. With an individualised approach to consultancy and the bundling of specialised services – from data capture and aerial photography to LiDAR, through comprehensive restitution, to the production of complex 3D data models – first-class results are guaranteed. 

We check our own ongoing processes and results against our ISO 9001 certificated quality management system.

Fast action is of paramount importance in the event of natural disasters. This also applies to the documentation of damages from floods, hurricanes, mudslides or forest fires. Our concepts are available when your urgent request arrives – and our specialist staff with optimal technology can start at very short notice.

3D Mobile Mapping

Apart from the traditional methods of airborne remote sensing such as image and LiDAR data capture, since 2014 Hansa Luftbild has offered 3D image acquisition at street level and mobile 3D mapping services. [ read more ]

Cadastre management

Local authorities and city councils are required to account for and maintain their communal resources. Often a good overview of streets, trees, green and sealed surfaces is lacking. [ read more ]

Property and facility management

If you are in the housing industry,  a local authority, a facility management company, a business, in the agriculture or forestry sector: for the planning, management and optimisation of your property, transportation routes, outdoor and production facilities you need up-to-date information and effective tools. In addition you need advice that really assists; not an endless row of power point overheads. [ read more ]


Environmental and landscape planning

On a daily basis thousands of hectares of rural and forested areas are subject to settlement and construction, in the form of housing, industrial areas, commercial  buildings and traffic networks. This increasing loss of natural land resources, and their associated landscape features is a great challenge to environmental and landscape planners. [ read more


For the planning of new power supply lines, transport routes, or raw materials extraction and transportation, reliable and accurate information is needed. In  addition facilities critical to security such as overhead lines, pipelines or bridges need to be documented, surveyed and monitored at regular intervals – preferably quickly, cost effectively, and securely. [ read more ]

Solar panel cadastre

Solar panel cadastre

The boom in solar energy continues thanks to the declining costs in initial investment and the growing interest in alternative energy sources. By 2020 solar energy systems should be five times their current capacity, according to experts in the sector. [ read more ]

Coastal and flood plain protection

Good planning and efficient monitoring of coast line and flood water safety measures are critical for the security of a country’s inhabitants.[ read more ]

3D city and terrain models

3D digital city and terrain models for the visualisation of planning have become increasingly important for a number of reasons. Firstly they allow the production of professional and realistic presentations. In addition they facilitate the calculation of critical values to planning such as shading, mobile network coverage, or the modelling of noise dispersion. [ read more ]

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