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  • Oracle
    We are gold level partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN). Oracle is one of the worldwide leading database manufacturers.

  • Bentley
    Bentley is the manufacturer of the market-leading CAD system MicroStation. As a member of the Bentley's Developer Network, we develop extensions and applications for a large number of different customers and target groups.

  • Hexagon Geospatial Webseite
  • Hexagon Geospatial
    Hexagon Geospatial is the manufacturer of the GeoMedia product family and thus a leading solution provider for geospatial applications. We are member of the Hexagon GeoSpatial Developer Network (HGDN) and Authorized Reseller.

  • Logo EFTAS
  • EFTAS Remote Sensing Transfer of Technology
    EFTAS is our partner in the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) project for the German federal state of Hesse.

  • iNovitas
    iNovitas is our partner for envisioning infrastructure in an intuitive way. Stereovision based mobile mapping systems and innovative software solutions for the processing and intuitive exploitation of 3d imagery makes Hansa Luftbild and iNovitas the right partners for your infrastructure management and project planning.

  • Logo Topscan
  • TopScan
    TopScan GmbH is an interdisciplinary service provider with a focus on planning, realization and evaluation of laser scanning projects.

  • Logo Geohaus
  • Geohaus
    The GEOHAUS Group is a system house with solutions for all property questions, infrastructure planning, soil and environment, facility and land management as well as for high qualified engineering surveying and measuring tasks.

  • Logo Murphy Surveys
  • Murphy Surveys
    Murphy Surveys, provider of world class survey solutions, has been our partner in many international projects.

  • Logo Hansaer
    HANSAER is the product of a cooperation between the italian Aerosistemi and Hansa Luftbild.

  • Logo von Aerosistemi
  • Aerosistemi S.r.l.
    Aerosistemi is our italian partner and a specialist for photogrammetry, digital mapping and geographic information systems (GIS).

  • Logo der Kweena Air
  • Kwena Air
    Kwena Air from South Africa is our partner on the African continent with a focus on photogrammtry, remote sensing and digital terrain models .

  • enveco - energy and environment
    The enveco gmbH is an independent expert office and specialised on Geography, landscape ecology, biology, Geophysics, physics, information technology, engineering and economics.

  • iwb-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH
    iwb is our partner for management and portfolio valuation in the real estate sector.

  • Logo von Schneider und Zajontz
  • Schneider & Zajontz Consult
    Schneider & Zajontz has been active for 35 years and is a well experienced consultant for all questions regarding public law and the public administration.

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