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17. June 2019


Hansa Luftbild AG will once again be present with trade fair stands and lectures at numerous trade fairs and events in Germany and abroad this year.

21. May 2019


At this annual conference on land and poverty Hansa Luftbild presented a paper on a system which has been developed for the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture. The system - the National Rural Land Administration Information System (NRLAIS) was developed using open source software, and initially implemented for six sites. The system will be implemented across the whole of Ethiopia. This will enable Ethiopia to standardize its land administration, for all the

05. April 2019


At the invitation of the Port of Rotterdam, representatives of Hansa Luftbild and the port operator bremenports GmbH visited the port administration of the Dutch Port of Rotterdam in Rotterdam at the end of March. The aim of the visit was to exchange information on the design and the application of corporate geoinformation portals for port administrations.

21. February 2019


Also in 2018 and 2019 Hansa Luftbild has and will again carry out unusual and challenging aerial flights. Last year, for instance, the cities of Erlangen, Darmstadt, Koblenz, Pforzheim, Fürth and Stein near Nuremberg as well as the Saxon Switzerland National Park and the Dutch Wadden Sea were surveyed. For the corridor planning from north to south, Hansa Luftbild is again involved in a project of the power grid operator Amprion GmbH, this time for 900 track kilometres.

This year, for example, w

17. January 2019


Battling heavy water in the North Sea, one of the world’s largest container vessels lost around 300 containers on January 2. “MSC Zoe“ is currently being partially discharged in Bremerhaven, inspected and recertified. When unloading the wedged boxes, more parts of the cargo went overboard again and are obstacles in front of the terminal.

11. January 2019


The consequences of global climate change are obvious – irrespective of a cause assignment: Forest fires of unknown magnitude, months of drought combined with heat, subsequent low water levels in rivers, lakes and dams or bark beetle plagues in forests, frequent storms, heavy rain and flood events, just to name a few examples of the past year.

30. August 2018


The experts - and Hansa Luftbild - are back in the starting blocks for the leading event for geoinformation, land management and geodesy: the INTERGEO 2018.

The trade fair will take place from 16 to 18 October in the Frankfurt Exhibition Center. Once again, Hansa Luftbild, EFTAS, iNovitas and Moskito will present their concentrated know-how for GeoIT at booth 12.0C.016 in hall 12.0. This year's focus of

10. July 2018


At the beginning of the year 2018, the comprehensively further developed version "V3" of the well-tried ExperMaps by Hansa Luftbild was released. Since then, a large number of our existing ExperMaps customers have already switched to this new version and appreciate its expanded capabilities.

25. May 2018


The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the “protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC“ has been enacted by the European Union.

Of course, this regulation is taken very seriously at Hansa Luftbild. So, the implementation has been done, and Hansa Luftbild is acting according to it.

23. April 2018


Recently, another important and very demanding major project of Hansa Luftbild was successfully completed. On the basis of a new rescreen of the state territory of Albania, digital orthophotos were created and digital terrain elevation information was produced.

This geo-information is urgently needed by the Albanian state to ensure further economic development. The geographic information is used in particular for infrastructure planning, e.g. for tourist development of the coastal region.

07. August 2017


Both Hansa Luftbild and experts worldwide are ready to go for one of the largest events in geoinformation, land management and geodesy: the INTERGEO 2017. From 26 to 28 September 2017 the fair will take place at Berlin's trade fair. Again, Hansa Luftbild, EFTAS, iNovitas and CopServ will present their joint know how at booth C3.056 in hall 3, focussed on the combined use of sensors, data and

03. April 2017


 The annual World Bank Conference, held 20 - 24 March covered the theme „Responsible Land Governance—Towards an Evidence-Based Approach“. Conference workshops and pap

21. March 2017


Not for the first time Hansa Luftbild contributed to preparations for the construction of natural gas pipelines: In October 2016, after half a year intensive work on over 800 km planned gas pipelines it was finally possible to successful deliver required land survey data.

05. October 2016


AIRBUS Defence and Space and GEOHAUS in Muelheim, with its associate Hansa Luftbild AG, have signed a cooperation agreement in September 2016 to jointly observe and develop their common market in the fields of land development and administration, public security systems and geo-information.

06. September 2016

Visit us at INTERGEO 2016!

Hansa Luftbild is, together with some partner companies, exhibitor on this year's INTERGEO (11 to 13 October) in Hamburg, Germany. You will find us at Stand E4.002, Hall 4.

29. April 2016

Forum: Global Geospatial Information Management

The United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) held its 4th High Level Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from 20 - 22 April 2016.

25. April 2016

17th Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

Under the title “Scaling up Responsible Land Governance” the 17th Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty took place in Washington DC between 14 and 18 March 2016.

02. March 2016

Hansa Luftbild at the Kick-Off Day of its4land in Enschede

[its4land] team members and project stakeholders, totalling 29 participants, converged on Enschede, the Netherlands, home of the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente – on 26th February 2016, to kick-off the project.

03. December 2015

Hansa Luftbild with partners develops technology innovations for land tenure security in East Africa

Sub Saharan African countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia have an immense challenge to rapidly and cheaply map millions of unrecognized land rights in the region. Land administration experts from Hansa Luftbild and researchers and professionals from other academic institutions and organizations will work on an innovative suite of land tenure recording tools that responds to that challenge in the coming four years. The project its4land, in which Hansa Luftbild develops a suite of tools with

26. November 2015

Aerial survey of Greece successfully completed

Hansa Luftbild has successfully completed the aerial surveys of northern Greece (43.733km²). Currently digital orthophotos (pixel size 25cm) are produced, which delivery takes place in the next few weeks.

21. August 2015

Visit us at INTERGEO 2015!

Hansa Luftbild is, together with some partner companies, exhibitor on this year's INTERGEO (15 to 17 September) in Stuttgart, Germany. You will find us at Stand B8.080, Hall 8.

28. July 2015

Ethiopian government representatives visit Hansa Luftbild

On 16 and 17 July Hansa Lufbild hosted an Ethiopian delegation visiting Germany to study the implementation of spatial data infrastructures (SDI).

21. April 2015

Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2015

For the fourth year in a row Hansa Luftbild has participated in the annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty. This, the 16th such conference, the theme of which was ‘Linking Land Tenure and Use to Shared Prosperity’, took place in Washington D.C., from March 23 – 27, 2015.

02. April 2015

Hansa Luftbild award 2015

The Hansa Luftbild award 2015 has been conferred. It was presented to Ing. Martin Rehak, Ing. Romain Mabillard und Dr. Jan Skaloud by Dr Paul Hartfiel, CEO of Hansa Luftbild, on 18 March 2015.

22. January 2015

Hansa Luftbild signed “Memorandum of understanding“ with Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies

On 21 January 2015, Hansa Luftbild signed together with various German companies and research institutes a “Memorandum of understanding“ with Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies from Novosibirsk, Russia.

04. December 2014

Hyperspectral Airborne Survey for Oil and Gas Exploration in Lebanon

On 29 September Hansa Luftbild's aircraft C404, call sign D-IDOS, landed at Rafic Hariri International Airport, Beirut, Lebanon, for a one month flight mission.

31. October 2014

Arab Water World (AWW) magazine features Hansa Luftbild in its current country report

The November 2014 issue of Arab Water World (AWW) features Germany in its country report. Hansa Luftbild after being invited to contribute an article published a text about applying airborne remote sensing technologies to planning water supply / drainage networks and to assessing damage following flooding

19. September 2014

Bentley published case study about the Addis Ababa Land Administration System

The City of Addis Ababa retained Hansa Luftbild, a member of the Bentley Developer Network to develop a modern property registration and land information system to address rapid urban expansion and land and property rights.

12. September 2014

Hansa Luftbild signed important contract with City state of Berlin

This year, INTERGEO takes place in Berlin, 7 - 9 October 2014. Hansa Luftbild's exhibition will mainly focus on the innovative mobile mapping solutions and its most recent project, mobile street data collection for the City state of Berlin.

29. August 2014

Visit us at the German Street and Traffic Convention 2014

The German Street and Traffic Convention 2014 takes place in Stuttgart, 30 September - 2 October 2014. Together with our swiss partner, iNovitas, we will present our innovative mobile mapping solutions.

12. June 2014

Hansa Luftbild supported Germain railway company in disaster management

A strong cyclone affected the western part of Germany in June. The biggest german railway company, Deutsche Bahn, cancelled many services due to debris including trees and power lines falling on the train lines.

02. June 2014

Ghorfa published detailed article about railway project

The "Arab-German Yearbook 2014 - Construction and Consulting", published by the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, contains a detailed article about Hansa Luftbild's Airborne LiDAR Survey project in Djibouti.

09. May 2014

Roads Geo Congress: iNovitas finished in second place

The third “Road Geo Congress” came to a successful end. From 29 to 30 April, 250 service providers and community representatives came together in Muenster to learn about new methods for data collection and pavement management.

24. April 2014

Hansa Luftbild attends the ROADS GEO CONGRESS 2014

The conference is held from 29 to 30 April 2014 in Muenster, Germany. Hansa Luftbild as a sponsor of this event will organize workshops and presentations during both days of the event.

16. April 2014

8th Geo Tunis Conference held 02 to 06 April 2014

Hansa Luftbild, which has been active in Africa since the early 1970s, was recently invited to participate in the eighth Geo Tunis Conference held 02 to 06 April 2014, in Hammamet, Tunisia.

08. April 2014

Hansa Luftbild attended World Bank Conference

For the third year in a row Hansa Luftbild attended the Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty in Washington DC, held 24 to 28 March 2014.

03. April 2014

Hansa Luftbild award 2014

The Hansa Luftbild award 2014 has been conferred. It was presented to Dr Richard Steffen by Dr Paul Hartfiel, CEO of Hansa Luftbild, on 28 March 2014.

18. March 2014

New website launched

Hansa Luftbild launched a new website for ExperMaps, the new flexible Online GIS. Visit www.expermaps.com for more information.

14. February 2014

ITC students visit Hansa Luftbild

On the 11th February, 2014 a group of 22 postgraduate students from the University of Twente (faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation - ITC), the Netherlands, visited Hansa Luftbild.

06. February 2014

3D video capture solution: Hansa Luftbild starts cooperation with iNovitas

A few weeks after Hansa Luftbild celebrated its 90th anniversary, the company impressively proves its innovation skills: In addition to our classic business field of remote sensing services, we started a cooperation with the newly established swiss company iNovitas (www.inovitas.ch), a provider of a state-of-the-art 3D data collection solution for specially adapted cars.

24. January 2014

Hansa Luftbild successfully finished data collection project for Sicilian civil protection authority

Digital terrain models, digital surface models and river cross sections help to improve disaster prevention.

17. January 2014

Bentley’s „BE INSPIRED AWARDS“ 2013: Honorable mention for Hansa Luftbild

Bentley Systems, known worldwide for their products like the CAD solution “MicroStation” or the 3D GIS “Bentley Map”, awarded the prizes for the competition “Be Inspired 2013”.

06. December 2013

Short TV report about Hansa Luftbild

The local broadcaster WDR will televise a short report about Hansa Luftbild's history on 11 December 2013, 7.30 pm GMT+1.

22. November 2013

Hansa Luftbild celebrates their 90th anniversary

Hansa Luftbild celebrated their 90th anniversary with a ceremonial act in Münster’s “Two lions club”. More than 120 international guests, customers, partners and employees, accepted the invitation.

22. November 2013

Hansa Luftbild starts car-based mobile mapping services

Hansa Luftbild extends its service portfolio with its own, car-based mobile mapping solution. High resolution cameras and GPS combined with laser scanning technologies allow full 3D data collection for pavement management, 3D city modelling and infrastructure mapping.

21. October 2013

Modern Land Management System for Addis Ababa

In its current number, the gis.Business journal reports on the land management system developed by Hansa Luftbild for the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

19. September 2013

Visit us at INTERGEO 2013!

Hansa Luftbild is exhibitor on this year’s INTERGEO, 8th-10th October 2013. You will find us at Stand D1.005, Hall 1.

02. September 2013

Cartography project in Siciliy

With support from Hansa Luftbild, the Sicilian civil protection authority started the re-organisation of their databasis.

19. August 2013

Hansa Luftbild at the VNW congress

Hans-Christoph Tielbaar is going to give a speech on the annual congress of the Real Estate Association of Northern Germany on 25th September 2013.

29. July 2013

Aerial images: Exhibition about the local history of Hamburg-Bergedorf

The museum for local history in Hamburg’s district Bergedorf is currently presenting a numerous collection of aerial photos that document the development of the city since the early 20th century.

19. July 2013

Ties renewed between Germany and Cameroon

A delegation from Cameroon visited Hansa Luftbild in Münster.

10. July 2013

Hansa Luftbild at the launching of the Ethiopian LAND Project

From 27 to 28 June, 2013 Hansa Luftbild was an invitee at the launching of the USAID funded Land Administration to Nurture Development (LAND) project in Addis Ababa.

17. June 2013

Sewage charge: public consultations in Arnsberg and Enger

The municipalities of Arnsberg and Enger, North-Rhine Westphalia, are currently updating their records about soil sealing and the depending sewage charge.

12. June 2013

Hansa Luftbild finished data collection for the region of Rotterdam

Despite the non-favourable weather conditions during spring Hansa Luftbild has successfully finished the data collection of the aerial imagery of the City and Harbour of Rotterdam

06. June 2013

Hansa Luftbild supports flood protection in Germany

Large areas of Southern and Eastern Germany are currently effected by the floods of the rivers Mulde, Saale and Elbe. Surging waters that have already caused extensive damage across the adjacent regions are moving north and east along the rivers.

28. May 2013

Visitors from St. Petersburg

Hansa Luftbild welcomed a number of professors and assistant teachers from the National Mineral Resources University, St. Petersburg.

16. May 2013

Hansa Luftbild signed contract with Austrian BEV

Hansa Luftbild and its partner Georeal (Plzen) have received a new order by Austrian Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (Vienna) for aerial photography and ortho photo production.

10. May 2013

Successful partners for over 10 years

At the 19th annual Esri Partner Conference in Munich, 5th - 7th May 2013, Hansa Luftbild AG was honoured for 10 years of successful partnership.

15. April 2013

Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

For the second year running Hansa Luftbild attended and presented a paper at the annual World Bank conference on Land and Poverty held in Washington DC from 08 to 11 April 2013.

20. March 2013

Hansa Luftbild in SCB agreement with Rijkswaterstaat

Hansa Luftbild and its partner TopScan have signed the first contract within the Data-ICT-Dienst of Rijkswaterstaat, part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, based upon the method SCB (System Oriented Contract Management).

18. March 2013

Hansa Luftbild at the Roads-Geo-Congress, 19 – 20 March, 2013.

Hans-Christoph Tielbaar, department head of Geoinformation at Hansa Luftbild, moderated a workshop on “Road / Street Databases; Road / Street Cadastre”.

07. March 2013

Hansa Luftbild award 2013

The Hansa Luftbild award 2013 has been conferred. It was presented to Dr Jochen Meidrow by Dr Paul Hartfiel, CEO of Hansa Luftbild, on 28.02.2013.

07. March 2013

Our new, improved website

Hansa Luftbild has turned 90! To celebrate we have revamped our website, bringing its content and appearance up-to-date. It is now faster and easier to find information about our products and services.

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