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Real Estate

The efficient operation and administration of housing complexes and the creation of quality living space are the primary goals of facility management companies – since these don’t just maintain the value of property, but increase it. During our many years of experience in this sector, we have in co-operation with our architectural and landscape planning partners, developed a succession of high quality products and services, with which we can support you in the maintenance of your outdoor facilities and help you gain a competitive edge in the market.

LINA®, a process developed by Hansa Luftbild utilising airborne data / imagery for the inventory of facilities, makes possible the efficient capture of your facilities. This will facilitate the cost efficient planning of facility operation and expansion. In co-operation with architects and landscape planners we can help you develop a concept for safe residential living, which takes into account the concerns of residents with regard to traffic safety, and personal security in outdoor areas. 

We also offer planning for ecologically  and economically sustainable landscape planting, which is optimally suited to the environmental conditions of your grounds. This allows you to avoid expensive annual maintenance costs, and cost-intensive replacement planting, necessitated by hedges and trees outgrowing the areas for which they were intended, or becoming diseased through a lack of room or water. 

Further products that we offer include: our solar panel cadastre helps in determining the most profitable positioning for solar energy facilities; our 3D-city-building-model product which allows the visualisation and close analysis  of planned new construction and changes.

A solar panel cadastre offers many advantages. It offers the public a comprehensive service, thus strengthening the utilisation of renewable energy. Available photovoltaic (PV) potential can be clearly demonstrated and potential users can easily and objectively assess the economic feasibility of installing solar energy panels before contacting a PV company.

Digital 3D city models with their extensive capability for data usage are increasingly an important constituent of spatial information systems. Hansa Luftbild utilises the building data captured in stereo aerial images or LiDAR surveys and with these generates digital models, which can be used  for planning, by our clients, in both the public and private sectors

PDF zu Hansa Luftbild-Solardachkataster

For high efficiency solar power generation
The creation of a solar roof cadastre has several advantages. It is a comprehensive service to the citizens and strengthens the renewable energy sector. The available photo-voltaic potential is clearly illustrated and easy to understand. Customers can neutrally check the efficiency of their roofs before they contact an installation company. [ PDF ]

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ExperMaps - the new WebGIS by Hansa Luftbild
ExperMaps is the new, flexible WebGIS developed by Hansa Luftbild. Based on OpenSource technologies like GeoServer, PostGIS and GeoEXT, it is the instrument of choice for administering spatial information and making it available to a wide variety of users. Its modular design allows a seamless integration into your IT environmental and business processes which exactly meets your requirements. [ PDF ]

For more information please visit www.ExperMaps.com

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