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Public administration

For mandatory tasks and obligations public authorities need up-to-date information and the appropriate means to collect, organise and analyse such information.

Regardless of the size of the project, we are able to deliver our services and data to state, regional and local authorities, or to cross-national organisations. Our services include data capture, analysis of complex information, and GIS. These are the basic building blocks for efficient working and decision-making processes.  

We will deliver quality aerial imagery, orthophotos, and thermal / LIDAR surveys as the base for your geo-database as well as extensive restitution, analysis and advisory services. These services are relevant to such fields as biotope mapping, environmental impact analyses, feasibility studies, traffic safety planning and residential safety within cities.

Even after or during natural disasters such as flood, infestation by bark beetle, hurricane, forest fire, drought, heavy rainfall, landslide, we have prepared concepts for the fastest possible documentation of natural events and their consequences. The data obtained can then be evaluated by experts or found in expert reports.

In managing your information we can support you with everything from the development and maintenance of cadastre, on the basis of well-known GIS and GIS web-based applications, to the individual development of complex geographic information data sets and bases. For example, we have amongst others developed a GIS for the state of Hesse in Germany, which supports the agricultural subsidy program of the EU, and a radar GIS “RadGIS” for national German air traffic control.

Mobile Mapping Flyer

Experts for mobile 3D data collection

Apart from the traditional methods of airborne remote sensing such as image and
LiDAR data capture, since 2014 Hansa Luftbild has offered 3D image acquisition at
street level and mobile 3D mapping services. With our Swiss partner iNovitas we offer comprehensive solutions for data acquisition and visualization of road networks, mapping of street furniture and the collection of other infrastructure information. [ PDF ]

Flyer Hansa Luftbild Landmanagement

Sustainable land and property management

Urban expansion, growing populations and climate change pose enormous challenges to policy makers, national economies and their societies. Innovative land management systems are needed and Hansa Luftbild fully understands these challenges and the approach needed to develop them. [ PDF ]

PDF zu Hansa Luftbild-Solardachkataster

For high-efficiency solar power generation

The creation of a solar roof cadastre has several advantages. It is a comprehensive service to the citizens and strengthens the renewable energy sector. The available photo-voltaic potential is clearly illustrated and easy to understand. Customers can neutrally check the efficiency of their roofs before they contact an installation company. [ PDF ]

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