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Mining and commodities

In recent times the demand for primary energy sources and raw materials has increased exponentially, due to demand in developing countries and new production methods in the hightech sector. This has concomitantly accelerated the search for new sources of energy and raw materials.  

In preparing to search for raw materials, such as coal, gold etc., extensive knowledge of the region to be explored must be acquired – its topography, flora, fauna and existent infrastructure. And during the actual exploratory operation the search for suitable transport routes and spoil heap locations require the continued availability of up-to-date geoinformation, for this basic planning. Strict environmental and safety regulations and high costs for initial investment and continued operation demand perfect planning at every phase of a mining project, which extends to the management of a mine’s closure, after it has ceased operation.

We can offer the mining sector efficient planning, an optimal operation and an environmentally responsible venture due to the expertise we have gathered under one roof. Our experts offer services in aerial imagery, orthophotos, airborne laser scanning, digital elevation models, feasibility studies, and environmental impact studies. We also offer products and services for mine close-downs and the planning for their further utilisation – the survey of slag heaps by LIDAR, and the potential use of sites as wind energy farms.

PDF zu Hansa Luftbild CorridorMapping

Planning and documentation of company infrastructure: precise, rapid, and cost effective

Hansa Luftbild’s modern corridor mapping is an ideal technique for the planning,
documentation, survey and surveillance of corridors such as the electricity grid,
pipeline networks, and the roads, and rail system. [ PDF

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