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Energy Sector

The increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources and the transnational development of power supply presents many challenges to energy providers.

Thanks to our long experience in the implementation of energy sector projects we can provide multifaceted services to operators in this sector, from data capture to the development of complex geodata infrastructure, for the support of the secure and efficient monitoring and running of your services. 

We provide top quality base data for the selection and construction of new electric power grids and networks, oil and gas pipelines, together with feasibility and environmental impact assessment studies. Airborne monitoring services allow potential problems for security-critical infrastructure such as  overhead lines or pipelines to be identified cost effectively and in good time, thereby minimising risk.  For example, the threat of encroachment by vegetation on critical infrastructure can be minimised by early identification.

Airborne thermal scanning can identify leaks in district heating networks or analyse potential heat loss and thus increase energy efficiency. Detailed roof cadastre  can  identify the best surfaces for solar panels. Our digital surface models are an excellent means for helping determine the best positions for new energy capture, collection and storage facilities. Structures can be surveyed accurately eg the potential of pumped storage hydropower stations can be precisely evaluated.

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Hansa Luftbild - your reliable partner for the energy sector

Companies in the energy sector face many challenges owing to the growing demand for renewable energy sources and planned extensions of power grid systems - especially in the high-industrialised countries. We offer a wide range of branch specific services: base data for establishing suitable sites, support in route and network planning and the construction of smart geodata infrastructures for the efficient management of energy supplies. [ PDF ]

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For high efficiency solar power generation

The creation of a solar roof cadastre has several advantages. It is a comprehensive service to the citizens and strengthens the renewable energy sector. The available photo-voltaic potential is clearly illustrated and easy to understand. Customers can neutrally check the efficiency of their roofs before they contact an installation company. [ PDF ]

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