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About us

Quality and expertise in the geoinformation sector

The Hansa Luftbild Group, Muenster, Germany stands for quality and expertise in the geoinformation sector. We have been in successful operation, at an international level, since 1923. For clients in the public and private service sectors we offer broad and comprehensive  solutions for geospatial problems and undertakings. We support clients with the optimal management of large sets of dynamic geospatial data and assist with effective planning, operating and decision making processes. The constant changes and demands of the economic and ecological spheres can be meet with flexibility, within short time-frames.

Hansa Luftbild’s well-engineered, reliable applications and its innovative technologies, are persuasive. Our applications range from the documentation and monitoring of critical infrastructure in the transport and supply sectors,  through the management of large-scale facilities to all levels of the state-run administration.

Our clients can benefit from our excellent consulting skills and extensive experience in implementing and executing projects, from the smallest to the largest. We will optimise your business processes to guarantee a smooth running operation and excellent outcomes. With our employees, partners and products we bring together an unbeatable combination of concepts, technologies, and solutions – all to the benefit of our clients.

Our quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets the highest standards. Our clients can be assured that we can meet all their future requirements and project-related goals.

Contact person

Dr. Paul Hartfiel

Member of the board
Phone +49 251 2330-0


Hansa Luftbild AG
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Phone  +49 251 2330-0
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